The Humpty Dumpty of Posters

We recently received a typical envelope with a three sheet from the 1940’s film Good News. Once it was opened, we knew we were in for a challenge, however we had no idea it would be the biggest challenge we ever faced.

When we removed the poster from the envelope, dozens of small pieces fell onto the table. We then laid the poster out and discovered masking tape along every single fold line on the back. After a 90 minute tape removal session we were looking at a dozen reasonably sized pieces and possibly a hundred tiny pieces. This truly was a Humpty Dumpty of posters.


We spent six hours just assembling the largest pieces. From there we spent an additional seven hours figuring out where the smallest pieces fit, and then adding the missing paper, including a huge amount of missing paper along the border.


When the poster was dry, the artists went to work recreating missing credits and portions of the image. Thankfully nearly all of the faces and credits were intact.


After twelve hours of restoration work, the final result was amazing. This was the ultimate of challenges, and we were really pleased and relieved when finished.


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