Reassembling Coke

Often times when you start restoring a poster that is in poor condition it is like travelling into the unknown. Although we have been doing this for a long time, no two posters are the same. Recently, we were presented with an original Coke poster from the 1940’s that had been glued to heavy cardboard, had significant paper loss and cracks throughout the image. In this particular case, I have to admit I underestimated the amount of time required. It ended up being a monumental task.

IMG_3804 During a five hour linen backing session we were able to remove the poster from the cardboard and carefully assemble it onto the acid free Masa paper. The process was much like putting a wet puzzle together. For the most part the paper came off the cardboard easily, but it came off in pieces, some large, some small. IMG_3805 When the poster was assembled, we had to replace much of the border and large parts of the image, including about a third of the logo and tag line on the bottom. IMG_3811 After drying for a few days, the artists went to work filling in the missing pieces of the image with watercolors, by standard brush and airbrush. They also recreated the missing letters and border. The restoration required about 20 hours of time, but it was worth it. The finished poster looks stunning and is now stable, preserved and frame-ready. IMG_3896 We truly enjoy working on all kinds of posters from different eras. If you or a friend or colleague have a poster you would like to bring back to life, a movie poster, a war era poster, a travel poster, a concert poster, a sports poster or a map, please reach out to us at Backingtothefuture. We guarantee we will provide top quality service for a fair and reasonable price. I also encourage you to follow us on FaceBook: Backing to the Future is a Canadian firm that has been expertly restoring posters since 1999

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