Welcome to Backing to the Future

Backingtothefuture is a Canadian-based poster restoration and preservation business. We use a process known as linen backing to bring posters back to their original condition, or as close to the original condition as possible.

Our Latest Work

Vintage Poster Restoration

Why preserve or restore your vintage poster?

  • Up until the 1980’s the vast majority of movie posters were machine folded and shipped to theatres. The folding process damaged the poster, creating creases that separate over time.
  • Left folded, movie posters will yellow and deteriorate. They are susceptible to damage by acidity in the paper and humidity.
  • Linen backing will help preserve the movie poster and bring it back close to its original condition. During the process tape can be removed, stains eliminated and missing paper replaced.
  • If the poster is torn and fragile, linen backing will provide much needed support and stability.
  • Linen or paper backing flatten the poster and make it ideal for display.

Shrinkwrap Framing

Save money and preserve the value of your poster

here are several ways to display your favorite poster, however the cost of framing can be very expensive and having your poster mounted through the plaquing process will make your poster worthless.
The best way to display your poster is through shrink wrap framing. This type of display is not only cost effective, it will ensure your poster remains flat and protected against dirt and smudges. Shrink wrapping is also ideal for large posters like 40×60’s or three sheets, as the finished product is relatively light-weight compared to a bulky wooden frame and a huge piece of glass.

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The Objective: Satisfied Customers

Piercarlo A., Thailand

I just got my two posters back from Dan. Outstanding job. The restoration was spotless and the packaging could have survived WW2 . Dan was always responsive and professional. Prices, comparing to US, are very competitive. Will definitely use again.

Ron G, Rockford, Illinois, USA

I had sent Dan and his team an old movie poster from the 1920’s that unfortunately was missing the left 10% of the poster. Dan had linen backed a few posters for me before but this was the first time I had used his services for this level of restoration. I’m very picky about my posters and prefer minimal restoration whenever possible. When I received the poster and unrolled it I was amazed at how great a job Dan and his team had done. This poster is a stone lithograph and the colors and textures of the re-created missing section of the poster matched up perfectly with the original part of the poster. Dan and his team struck a perfect balance of restoring the poster while maintaining the look and feel of the original. These guys did an excellent job and I would use their services anytime. Thanks for saving this old poster!!!

Joseph R., Shavertown, PA

Dan and his team of artists did an extraordinary job in restoring a poster of mine that had seen better days prior to their restoration. It's now a work of art and I can't wait to get it up on my wall. It was also my first time using Dan and his team at Backing to the Future and it definitely won't be the last!

Jack & Leighann, Leesburg, VA

We sent Dan an old poster we had for many years that was in poor condition. When we received the poster back, we were blown away with the transformation and condition of the restoration. Dan just increased the value of our investment here. Moving forward, we will be sending all of our posters in need of restoration to Dan

Aubrey B. & Patricia B., Gallery 18 Ltd., PEI, Canada

Dan Miles and his team at Backing To The Future did a fantastic job restoring our antique map of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. When we sent it the chart was in pieces. When it returned it was awesome! Backing To The Future receives our highest recommendation.

JW Peck, Minneapolis, USA

I chanced upon BackingtotheFuture while doing a Google search for linenbacking...what a fortuitous discovery that was! Dan and company beautifully removed the dings and wrinkles from my valuable movie poster. There's no doubt I will go back in the future to BackingtotheFuture for my other poster repairs and restoration.

Louie J., Oshawa, On

WOW! I couldn't possibly be happier with the work that the people at Backing to the Future did on my posters! Absolutely world class job and their shrink wrap framing system is fantastic! I 'll definitely be back!

John Paul D., Toronto, ON

Dan did an outstanding job linen backing an autographed poster of mine. The poster was wrinkled and had some colour removed in some areas. Along with his artists, he turned my poster into a preserved piece of art. He was always quick and courteous to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Backing to the Future for all your poster restoration needs. Thank you Dan!!

Chris R., New York, USA

I sent a Raiders of the Lost Ark poster to Backingtothefuture for some minor work and it came back looking like new! Dan kept me up to date throughout the whole process, responding immediately whenever I had a question. Wonderful experience, you can trust Dan to do right by your artwork.

April D. G., MS, USA

Backingtothefuture restored 2 Norman Rockwell posters, and I was so thrilled when I received them. They looked amazing! Dan was so personal and great with communication. He communicated with me the entire process until the posters were delivered safely back in the USA.

Lisa B., Utah, USA

I sent Backing to the Future 2 posters that have been in my family for almost 100 years. They were damaged and deteriorated. When I got them back they looked as if they were brand new. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you!!

Neil R., Kitchener, Canada

I had a fragile 100- year old Russian poster needing linen mounting and found it easy to get an estimate (based on my photo, so no mailing for examination). Things like things like minor paper repair (which can be a separate and costly item) were included in the estimate, the work was competently done and the process was made troublefree for the me. I felt I got value and was pleased with the result.

Gordon B. Jr., Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I have been collecting movie posters for almost 25 years. I found Dan Miles’s information on the web due to two posters that I had recently purchased that were glued to foam core. I sent these along with another poster that was in need of significant restoration. Not only did Dan and his team do an excellent job in removing the posters, but the linen backing and restoration was impeccable. Their attention to detail and customer service is what I feel every serious collector is looking for. I highly recommend Backing to the Future for all of your poster restoration needs. I personally look forward to working with them in the future.

N A Jaworski, Manchester, UK

I couldn't be happier with the linen-backing and restoration performed by Dan and his team. Communication was excellent and the work was turned-around swiftly to a high quality. I'm very impressed with their service

LP Gunthier, Montreal, Canada

Thank you Dan for the great job on my quad poster of The Devils, a great professional restoration for a great price, my white poster is now white again. Thanks Backingtothefuture!

Rob L., New York, USA

As an autograph collector, you come to accept the fact that the posters you're having signed at conventions and on the road will get a bit beat-up along the way. Also, you understand both the time and financial commitment you've put into a particular project, beyond the cost of the original poster. The only way to make sure that your investment is safe and archived for years to come is to linen-back, and the only artists I would trust to work on it is Dan and his team at Backing to the Future Poster Restoration. Dan took the time to explain the linen-backing process, keep me posted on the shipping back and forth, communicate through the restoration, and followed-up at completion to make sure I was happy.. on top of performing beautiful and seamless work on the posters. The autographs on the poster, signed with various types of inks from sharpies to metallic paint pens, stayed perfect through the process. It's safe to say I would recommend this restorer highly and can't wait to send him my next project!

Robert B., Virginia, USA

I searched for a long time and many different areas for a place to have some expensive posters linen-backed. After looking at the Backingtothefuture website and talking to Dan on the phone, I was sold on this great company. Linen-backing is a terrific way to preserve some of one's most prized collectable posters and I would highly recommend Backingtothefuture. They had great communication and the finished product was beyond perfect. It was better than new and it will last!! Thank you Dan and Backingtothefuture!!

Doug G., Philadelphia, USA

I sent Backing to Future two posters with significant damage, both came back in pristine condition perfect for framing. Can't say thank you enough.

Jamie H., Nashville, Tennessee

Fantastic outcome. I have been looking for someone to restore my movie memorabilia for quite some time. I have tried a few others, but have always been disappointed. I am so excited to have found Dan who masterfully restored all of the items that were sent to him. It is refreshing to know that I now have someone I can send my hard sought after collection to, who I know will return my items in a reasonable time frame and in absolutely stunning condition. Can't thank you enough!!

Jon, Birmingham, England

Dan and his team have restored and made a 40 year old Mean Streets poster look like new, when I took it out of the packaging I knew they had given it the care and attention it needed. I'm over the moon with the results and can't recommend them enough.

Dave F., Indianapolis, Indiana

I recently sent three large posters to Backingtothefuture for linen backing and restoration and the results were amazing. The fold lines were eliminated and the touch ups were so well done they were invisible. I also found that they were quick to respond to my questions and very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Jared S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I would highly recommend dealing with Dan, he does amazing work and communicates regularly with his clients on a regular basis about progress. Amazing company to deal with!

Client, Los Angeles California

Fantastic work! He revived a poster that I had in my collection for more than 50 years and made it look like a museum piece. Be patient -- Dan takes his time, because he is good!

Jimmy S., Louisiana, USA

Dan and his staff are true artists.  I sent several "Jaws" posters to BTTF, including a rare 30" x 40" that needed special care and attention.  I am amazed at the results!  The poster looks pristine and will soon be framed and added to my collection.  I will be sending more items in my collection with the full confidence that BTTF will deliver the desired results.

John C., Ohio, USA

Dan and the folks at Backing to the Future are fantastic! Communication and information provided are clear and precise. The artistic work done to "The Creature Walks Among Us" poster was amazing...it looks like it did when the movie came out. I cannot say enough positive things about this experience! I highly recommend!

Tony W., Mesquite, Texas

After the work they did, I can't even tell there was ever any damage. The poster looks perfect again.

Brian U., Charlottesville, Virginia

I had an autographed sports poster from my childhood that was water damaged, discolored, and had been glued to a cardboard backing when originally framed. The Backingtothefuture team somehow managed to remove the poster from the cardboard and then restored it beautifully.  Thank you Backingtothefuture!

Jeffery M., Austin TX

This was my first poster restoration and I didn't know what to expect. The magic that Dan performed was incredible. The poster feels brand new, but didn't lose the vintage feel, which is exactly what I was looking for. There are modern reproductions of this particular poster, and I was concerned that the warmth an orginal would be overrun with a restoration, but I was completely wrong. The results were wonderful. *This* is the place to have your posters brought back to life.

Michael B., Dublin Ireland

Dan, thanks for doing a great job on my John & Yoko poster, what a transformation!

Trisan, Saint Peters, Missouri, USA

From initial communication and quoting to an extremely fast turnaround, I could not have possibly found a better experience (or finished product) than with Dan at BackingToTheFuture. The price and quality of work is unbeatable by anyone in the USA and was totally worth the extra money and time for international shipping. The poster is now the centerpiece of my collection!

Philip T., New York University

As an avid collector of theatre and movie memorabilia it is important that my collection is preserved, not only for my enjoyment but for posterity. Dan is a highly accomplished restorer, very precise with a tender touch. I trust Backingtothefuture with my treasures.

John B – Twin Cities, USA

I had the movie poster "Miracle" which was signed by all 20 members of the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey team that was in some rough shape.  I scoured the internet on how and if this could be fixed.  This is how I came across Dan and Backing To The Future.  I emailed many companies on linen backing and Dan was the best priced and quickest to respond to all my questions.   Since this was an autographed piece I was a little worried about the signatures going through a process.   After receiving the poster back from Dan, I was amazed at how great the poster looked with no harm to the autographs!   I would definitely use his services again if I need a poster restored!  Thanks Dan! 

Brooke W., Minneapolis, Minnesota

I would highly recommend Dan and Backing to the Future. Communication was great, and the pricing was clear at the outset. The poster was restored in a timely fashion and very carefully packed for shipping. I was so pleased by the restoration work when I saw the finished poster - my 60s rock poster went from something that showed a long history of being carelessly hung up on bedroom and dorm room walls to a beautiful work of art I am proud to display in my home.

Amy B., Silver Spring, Maryland

It was a pleasure working with Dan and Backing to the Future on a movie poster restoration and linen backing project. Communication was always immediate and the final product is beautiful. My husband will be thrilled when he opens this gift, thank you!!

Mark Y., Comic-Con International, San Diego, California

Dan did an *amazing* job on restoring two old Star Wars posters I had, and backing them to linen. The repairs are simply spectacular, and his work honestly exceeds my expectations for what I was hoping for. An artist is the truest sense of the word.

Rich N, Virginia, USA

Dan took my WW I Poster that was wrinkled, torn, and had a missing corner and brought it back to life. The transformation was unbelievable. It's an entirely different poster now. He's a lock on all my future business.

Gus H., Toronto, ON

Dan has linen backed a number of posters for me. I can't say enough about the quality of work he provides. His mounting and shrink wrap system makes it a breeze to move posters as they are so light. He has a passion for his work and it shows in the end result.

Jonathon E., Provo, Utah, USA

Backing to the Future's restoration work is incredible! The poster they restored for me looks as magnificent as if it were printed yesterday. Every aspect of their service was professional and timely.

John F., Dundas ON

This is the second restoration Backing to the Future has completed for my collection and they've done it again. When I sent this particular poster their way it was in terrible shape. Nearly torn from side to side through all folds... paper loss... on its way to deteriorating when simply handled. Now vibrant! The colour is brighter than ever before and its just perfect. I can't thank you enough for the attention to detail and more so for the time you've poured into bringing this piece of art back to life! A classic and a childhood favourite of mine that I will now be able to enjoy for years to come. I'd highly recommend Backing to the Future to anyone looking to properly restore, preserve and display their favourites. Very Sharp Finished Product!

Alain Fortier, Gloucester, ON

The posters I received recently from Dan were simply outstanding. Although I planned to sell the items initially, I’ve since decided to keep them in my collection. Great prices, attentive owners and the work is absolutely top notch. I`ve had several posters backed in the past, but from now on I`ll be backingtothefuture.

Tony Gibb, UK

I recently sent Dan four of my favourite posters which weren't in great condition with tears, pinholes and all sorts of stains all over them. It's fair to say that Dan has done an amazing job in restoring them and they now look practically brand new ! I live in London but I know the quality of Dan's work is second to none so from now on, I'll be sending all my posters to BackingtotheFuture in Canada for linen backing and restoration. Highly recommended.

Peter Marsden, Memphis, TN

In my 20 years of collecting movie posters, I have never come across someone who was able to make posters literally shine! I gave Dan 4 of my most precious babies (one-sheets). They were not very pretty when I sent them, but they still meant a lot to me. When he was finished with them, they were absolutely stunning!! They are now gorgeous family heirlooms that I will treasure forever. Thanks Dan! I can't wait to send you more.

Elizabeth Kolano, London, ON

Dan did an amazing restoration to an old poster of Marilyn Monroe that had been sitting in our basement for over 30 years. It had old scotch tape still stuck to it, rips, and creases where it had been rolled up for so long. I didn't expect the poster to come out as perfect as it did. Dan did a Great job. It is always a little scary sending something valuable to someone you don't know, but Dan was extremely professional and in contact with me throughout the process. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone with an old poster or a valuable picture that they want professionally restored. It was worth every penny I paid.

Scott Anderson Regitz, Houston Texas, USA

If you are considering Dan for care and restoration of your prize poster he is an excellent choice. He is always in communication and his technical as well as artistic skill is phenomenal. Dan took my 1977 poster and blew us away, replacing missing pieces and fixing the creases. The poster was returned in what I can only describe as a military grade container and it came FAST. Dan is the real deal and you will not be disappointed.

Stuart Howard, UK.

I can not believe (the Victory British Quad) it is the same poster I gave you a short while ago. It looks amazing the colours are so bright they really stand out against the brilliant white background. I am so pleased with the work that has been done. Again thank you very much, I am over the moon with the poster.

Alex Powell, CBC News, Toronto ON

I had an old Marylin Monroe Poster from the 70's with some water damage and what a difference it is now that Dan has done his handy work. My poster today looks fantastic, better than ever. If you ever need to restore any type of poster that has been damaged..this is the place to go by far. I highly recommend Dan and his company backingtothefuture.com Dan was very pleasant , informative and passionate about his work.

Anthony Giampetruzzi, Scarborough, Maine, USA

Dan's attention to detail and overall craftsmanship are superb and highly recommended. Likewise, his personal approach to every project and his timely communication make him a perfect partner in your most important preservation needs.

Austin Stihl, Calgary AB

A note to my fellow poster collectors - you're in the right place. I've been collecting posters for over two decades. I've used some of the most popular restoration houses in the States. You wont find a more talented restorer at such reasonable rates. Dan took a completely trashed, Connery - Bond, piece that was heading for the garbage and restored it beautifully. It's difficult to believe it's the same poster. Now it hangs on my wall alongside my VF & mint pieces and looks right at home. I'm equally pleased that Dan was able to save this classic poster and return it to the world of us collectors. We're all just caretakers of these pieces. I also appreciated Dan\'s sturdy shipping package. For any of us that have received damaged posters in shipping you know how heart breaking that can be. Shipping is often overlooked. Not with Dan, he pays attention to the details from restoration to shipping. I will continue using Dan from basic linen backing to full restoration. I'd recommend you do the same.

Ed Kubiez, Cleveland OH

I had sent Dan a very rare and desirable motorcycle related movie poster from 1967. Problems with the poster included several folding seam separations, tape marks along the border and an overall fragileness barely keeping the poster together as a single entity. The reason I picked Dan is the same reason I write this acknowledgement of his work, the testimonials. Once I read other testimonials applauding Dan’s work, I had to reach out and see if he could help. He replied promptly and off to Canada my poster went. It arrived back to me in the timeline that Dan had promised and the results truly exceeded my expectations. I am in total awe. In addition to the phenomenal job Dan did he was by far the most “value driven” artist I have ever encountered. His associated costs to repair and linen back my poster were extremely reasonable. He literally gave my poster another life and has gained my respect and gratitude. I recommend Dan to anyone needing of poster restoration. You will not be disappointed!

Brad, Aurora ON

I just had a fantastic experience with Dan in restoring 3 old war propaganda posters - one of them from WW1! I’ve used several other restorers in the past - and while their work was always fine - the logistics and costs encouraged me to look around a bit. What a treat to work with Dan - affordable, great work, and very easy to do business with. I wouldn't hesitate to do work with him again.

David Gray, Calgary AB

Dan, thanks so much for the fabulous work you did on my movie poster. I am very, very impressed and overwhelmed. This is the first of many more posters that I know I’ll use your expertise on. The packaging was incredible and the poster looks like the day it was printed in 1955. I think the lead characters of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly would be impressed, as would Alfred Hitchcock! This poster is one of my proud possessions and you have taken some minor rips, tears and fold marks and transformed it into a stunning work of art.

Robert Fontaine, Gatineau QC

If you need first-class restoration/linenbacking of your movie posters, Dan is the MAN!

Bradley Swift, Belvidere New Jersey

I never dreamed my poster would ever look as good as it does now. I can now rest easy knowing I sent it to the right place. Thanks Dan!

Morgan Blevins, Tennessee USA

I got a poster from my favorite show as a kid at The Lexington Comic & Toy Convention in March, and got several autographs on it. Between all the people and walking through the crowds it got kind of beat up (wrinkled, cracks etc..). I found Dan's website though and he really did an excellent job on it, looks as good as new! I'll definitely have him fix any other posters in the future if they end up beat up like this one.

David Hudson, UK

Dan's restoration work on four of my posters (Deliverance, Alien, Every Which Way But Loose and Stand By Me) was, quite frankly, astonishing and that isn't hyperbole. I sent four grubby folded posters and received four clean, sharp, smooth, vibrant, striking, magnificent posters in return. Dan made the posters vivid. The fold lines are barely perceptible. I was truly stunned by the results. Great service all round, fantastic communication from Dan and the restoration work was reasonably priced too. Can't recommend Dan's services enough. I would be very surprised if we didn't do business again in the near future.

Stephen, Sydney Australia

After years of collecting original John Wayne movie posters, the time had finally come to display them. Having checked all the possible options, I decided to go with linen-backing. But who to trust? My research indicated Dan was my man, and even though he was on the other side of the world, I decided to try him out on a couple of posters that were not in the best condition. They just turned up yesterday, and are now among my favourites. Needless to say, the rest of my collection will soon be making its way to Canada.

Gordon Hendry, Burlington ON

Dan restored two of my most prized concert tour posters which I honestly thought were ruined forever. When I received them back I was astonished at the incredible job he did. The posters looked like they were in mint condition! The images were clean and sharp and the colour was amazing as well as all creases and damages were gone. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan's services to anyone considering restoring a poster, in fact I am going to send him two more posters from my collection.

Nikki Belange, Calgary AB

Thank you, Dan, for your work on my Misfits movie poster. I gave you a dirty, water stained, wrinkled piece and you returned it to me bright, clean and wrinkle-free. You took a lost piece of movie memorabilia and gave it a second lease on life.

Sean Valentini, Toronto ON

I had Three vintage posters that were printed on a very light paper stock. They required a canvass backing to be displayed properly in a frame. I have had similar work done in New York in the past, but did some research and was happy to find Dan, who was closer to home. He responded to my enquiry promptly and gave me a quote for the work that was quite reasonable. The results were fabulous, I couldn\'t be happier. His work is second to none!

Jeff Clattenburg, Toronto ON

Dan did a phenomenal job on the items I sent him. He managed to turn my discolored, torn and brittle posters into showpieces ready for, and deserving of a frame! It is obvious that Dan has honed his craft well - the results speak for themselves...but beyond this, I also feel I got great value for my dollar. I’m certain that my restored posters would be far more desirable and would command a much higher price were I to sell them. I plan on tapping into Dan’s expertise in the future and I would happily recommend him to anyone who requires paper restoration/conservation services.

Lorne Kotzer, Richmond BC

My two 1950’s Alfred Hitchcock posters were brought back to life by Dan. They were pretty rough when I bought them 30 years ago and now they are in near pristine condition. Very cool!

David Weber, Brights Grove ON

I can’t say enough about Dan’s work. My posters came back better than my wildest dreams. They just pop! Highly recommended. Great craftsman!

Kerry James Posselwhite, Thunder Bay ON

In my possession were three rare and beloved Canadian WW2 posters that required linen backing for preservation. With no local options available, I stumbled upon Dan's website. I have always had an uneasiness of shipping my posters to anyone, especially cross border due to the risk of custom issues and/or loss of items. After reading the testimonials and viewing Dan's finish product on his website it re-assured me that others had similar apprehensions, but ultimately had expressed outstanding experiences. I proceeded to contact Dan and he responded to my e-mails promptly. Dan quickly eased any of my fears regarding the linen backing process and his ability to work with rare war posters. In short, I have three spectacular linen backed war posters and once framed will all be museum quality pieces. I certainly will be doing business with Dan in the future...thanks!

James Lee, Japan

Mr. Dan Miles has delivered both a very impressive product and very precise/detailed customer service. I'm a very tough and cautious customer, and what started out as an enquiry I felt very comfortable quickly with the professional and honest approach to Dan's service. My request was very simple, I want these posters restored and linen-backed to an original, not over-restored state. In this case we decided 'Less is more' to bring them back to their former glory. The fold lines, small tears and minor restoration was completed very well as I requested and they simply look amazing, clean and very worthy of displaying. The posters were also sent to my address in Japan, packed very carefully and no damage from the post. The quality of his work is superior, well priced and I highly recommend his services.

Ian George, Managing Director Paramount Pictures UK

The posters just arrived. Oh…My…God…they are absolutely stunning! The reason I joined the film business was because of the profound effect Deliverance had on me when I was a teenager – and the poster is simply incredible. It will probably take pride of place in my office.

Richard Olson, Poplarville, MS, USA

I had never used linen backing for posters before, but I got a 1938 Little Orphan Annie three sheet with vibrant colors but all of the storage folds, and I wanted it to look perfect. After talking with friends and reviewing internet web sites, I selected Dan at Backing to the Future to work on my poster. It arrived home yesterday and looks absolutely incredible! I have a large LOA collection, and I am going to frame the three sheet and let it stand up as the focal point in my collection. Dan did a great job and I have already sent him two more pieces to work on—if he can make a three sheet look beautiful, he can easily do the same on a smaller piece.Thanks Dan!

Len Hruszowy, Toronto ON

I sent Dan a vintage Beatles poster that was in very bad condition. Lots of old masking tape, rips, a few holes etc. Dan accepted the challenge and the poster is completely restored. He definitely exceeded my expectations. Many thanks, Len.

Bo Sanders, St. Louis, MO

I stumbled upon Dan's site, Backing to the Future, through a Google search. I had no previous experience with needing a poster restored; but after I looked over his work and read the testimonials, I decided to trust Dan with my old beat up Star Wars wall-hanger. What came back was a beautifully restored and linen backed centerpiece to my home theater room. I will definitely be sending Dan all my future poster restoration needs.

Dennis Jon Bailey, Newburgh, Indiana

Precise and methodical in the restoration, Dan Miles gets it right. He turned an inexpensive auction item into a treasure!

Erik Brown, Calgary AB

After countless hours of research online I found Backing to the Future. Dan's before and after examples of his work was amazing. And after spending some time on Dan's website I decided to send him a poster of one of my favorite childhood films, The Beastmaster. Not only did it look great linen backed, but Dan managed to make my poster look like new! The cross folds are barely visible and the water stains are gone! Now my only problem is picking the next one to send to Dan ASAP. Thanks Dan! You're an artist and a professional.

Bill Engstrom, Longview Washington

I had been trying to find someone to restore posters for a couple of years. I live in Washington state, and although I found a fairly-nearby guy that did restoration, he wasn't even taking "reservations" to do any jobs until some distant future date. I found Dan online, and was nervous about him being in Canada and the possible difficulties I might encounter with borders and inspections - like having to pay to get my own poster back - I went ahead and contacted Dan. I sent him three posters, and one of them (The Dolly Sisters) was in such horrible condition that I had considered throwing it out. This particular job took a little less than six months -- hey, restoration is an ART and not Dan's main job -- and one day the posters arrived on my porch very securely packaged with no hassle of any kind. They were beautiful, I couldn't have been more pleased, and the worst one I had sent to Dan was now a quality item. If you are reading this on Dan's website, you have just found a solution to your poster conservation problems. Contact him. I certainly plan to send him more items and couldn't be happier that I found him.

Ken Danker, Florida

Dan linenbacked 4 large format posters for me including a Jaws 3-sheet, a Jaws 2 Subway and 2 Japanese 2-panels and the work on all 4 was Exceptional! I plan to have him do more work for me soon.

Steven Arvanites, Founder, NYCscreenwriter.org

Dan of Backing to the Future did a superb job on my vintage film poster. Besides expert service, he was efficient, friendly and diligent. His quality work is superb and his prices excellent. Trust him - you won't be sorry!

Gary Tytko, Cleveland Ohio

I sent Dan four of my favorite posters and was very worried!! Wasn't sure what kind of work I was going to receive back. I viewed the gallery photos and seen some very beautiful work but I was still a little concerned. I received the posters the other day and was completely amazed at the beautiful work he performed on my posters!! The worst of them was 1957 The curse of frankenstein, with pin holes worn fold lines and fold tears and it looks like it just came off the printing machine!! Let me also say that I couldn't package up four more to send to Dan to get linen backed quick enough!! Believe me you will receive quality work at a very reasonable price!! Thanks a million Dan.

Colin Rawling, , Exhibitor Marketing Manager, Universal Pictures UK

I had an original 1978 John Carpenter's 'Halloween' poster that I wanted restored. I thought it was going to take some major restoration, but when I found Dan he said it would only be minor restoration. Major or minor, he took my battered poster and made it look as though it was printed yesterday! Dan's professionalism and quality is unsurpassed! I will definitely look to Dan again for future restorations and recommend the same to anyone else!

David Jacobs, Tennessee USA

OMG, I received my poster today. I have to tell you I was absolutely floored. I really wasn\'t expecting much because of the coarseness and thickness of the paper, but it was so beautiful and so worth the wait. My wife does not share my love of poster art and she is wanting to put it in our living room. Thank you so much. I hardly recognize it as the poster I sent you. The repairs are so modestly perceptable. It looks like so much work went into it. This came out way beyond my expectations. Thank you so much.

Len, Toronto ON

I have been collecting Rock and Roll memorabilia for over 40 years and often come across old posters that are just too damaged to salvage, or so I thought..... I came across Dan\'s web site and decided to see what he could do with a damaged Beatles poster I had purchased many years ago. I am so impressed with Dan\'s work it is really amazing. All the edge tears and missing paper have been seamlessly mended and the poster looks amazing. I would highly recommend Dan\'s expertise for any vintage poster restoration! Dan is the best!

Robert Seabold, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I had recently acquired an original poster of a favorite film of mine, but it was pretty beat up with torn corners, severe creases and a pen mark. As I researched poster restoration I came across Dan\'s website and was impressed with what he had to say and the examples he displayed. But the proof is in the results! Dan did an incredible job of breathing new life into a sad old poster. The best compliment I can give is that I\'m sending him another one.

Mike Romano, Mississauga ON

I sent Dan one of my rare horror posters that had some mold issues. I was unsure if it can be repaired and brought back to display quality, so I was a bit hesitant. But when I seen the completed product after linenbacking and his restoration. I was stunned! Some of the mold that had came through the image side, was not showing at all. The fold lines were almost completely gone. It pretty much looked new! I would not hesitate to send my posters to him. They will look fantastic in the end. Dan is now my go to guy for linen backing. Appreciate the work Dan

Ray Pearson, Edmonton AB

Dan truely is an expert at what he does, very professional workmanship. I sent him an original Star Wars and an old James Bond poster, both with foldline tears, tape marks and they came back to me linen backed and completely restored. I could not believe my eyes at how good they looked, you could not see any of the tears and discolorations in the posters. I\'m so happy I\'m sending him two more valuable posters. Oh yah and one last thing.....the price for his workmanship is an incredible value for his skill.

Geordie Sabbagh, Toronto ON

Dan did an incredible restoring two movie posters. The posters look fantastic with all the rips and tears repaired. He also went out of his way to get the posters and was in constant communication as to his progress. Wonderful work, wonderful prices and wonderful costumer service.

Brian Summerall, La Sobrina, Texas USA

Dan did an AMAZING job on my posters. Back in the early 80's a theatre owner friend of my father sent me some movie posters to hang in my childhood room. Back in those days posters were sent to theatres folded. Not knowing how rare these were (original Star Wars, Empire, and Raiders of the Lost Ark) I taped and tacked them up on my wall and basically treated them terribly. Thirty years later I pulled them out of a box in the closet all folded up. Thankfully I found Dan on the internet and sent him my posters from Texas and he worked his magic on them. They went from creases, yellowing, tack holes, and tape marks to looking brand new. He really breathed new life into them and they will now be proudly displayed in my home. I really am amazed at how new they look and the quality of his work!

Colin, Qualicum Beach BC

Many thanks for you care and craftsmanship in restoring and backing three shipping posters; two of them from the mid 1920’s, the other from the early 1950’s. Their previous defects including loss of paper, discolouration, folds, creases and tears are but a memory. They are now vibrant and full of life and will be an asset to my collection. I look forward to working with Dan in the future and transforming some sad and tired posters into treasured possessions.

Greg Lyman, Portland Oregon

I first became aware of Dan Miles through the YouTube site. I’ve been collecting posters since the mid seventies (mostly films that I like, I’m not a real hardcore collector) and some of my paper was in need of restoration. I had been to numerous poster sites and had talked to various people about helping me but it never came to anything. Dan is like a dream come true. He recently restored an insert I have been wanting fixed for the last ten years. It now looks unbelievable. I can’t wait to finally get it framed. I have several more pieces that I’m going to have Dan work on.

Victor Rivera, New York

It was difficult for me to trust anyone to restore the beloved poster I searched for so long. Not knowing anything about Dan prior to this job, I was struck by how easy it was to communicate with him and how undaunted he seemed by the challenge—his confidence and mild manners put you at ease right away. But that’s only half of the job, his technical skills are just as outstanding. And finally, the poster I cherished will soon by hanging on my walls in all of its beauty! Thanks Dan.

Hermann Luft, Waterdown ON

Thank you very much for the excellent job you did restoring two posters from the 50s for me. They were in rather poor condition and now look truly amazing after you linenbacked, cleaned and repaired them. The original brightness of their colours has also been restored, which I did not think was possible. I have been dealing in vintage movie memorabilia for over a decade now and am really glad to have found a true professional with the necessary skills and an obvious passion for restoring movie posters.

Terry Volpp, Illinois, USA

Exceptional work, museum quality -- professional, dependable and very affordable. I would not hesitate to send my most prized posters to Dan. Terry is a retired graphic artist, illustrator and journalist with a degree in Fine Arts. During his tenure at the Chicago Tribune he won multiple professional awards for his work including graphics work for for 2 Pulitzer Prize-winning stories.

Mike Murray, Toronto ON

Dan did a fantastic job restoring my original Pink Floyd The Wall poster. The poster was showing some serious signs of wear and tear after many years of use and abuse. The corners were worn, the original fold lines were very prevalent and there were various tears around the edges. When I got the poster back from Dan, it was completely transformed. I barely recognized it. Dan is obviously very skilled at what he does and his passion for the work is reflected in its quality. Great job!

David, Niagara Falls ON

Some of my posters are over 70 years old, and were really showing their age. They had tape repairs, faded colours, and torn edges. After I sent them to Dan for restoration and linen-backing, they went through an impressive transformation. Clean images, lines, and colours had returned to the posters. The original beauty was revealed again. Obviously the resale value had improved nicely too. I'd recommend Dan's work to anybody who wants to preserve their favorite posters...

Tim Corbett, Houston Texas

You did an absolutely marvelous job. It is nice and bright and I have to turn it just right to see that it was ever folded, plus the little corner repair can’t even be seen. I was a bit worried about how it would turn out as the poster was on such thin paper. You have a real talent. Thanks so much for preserving this bit of memory.

Matthew Seiden, Toronto ON

I sent Dan three posters from 1957-1963, all in fine/very fine condition, with the hopes that he could bring some life back to them. Upon seeing pictures of the posters, Dan said they would be pretty straightforward to restore. I think he was being more than a little modest, as when I got my poster back from Dan I was surprised by the results. He might not have thought it much work, but there is a night and day difference between the brittle, stained, folded and torn paper I sent him, and the clean, flat, linen-mounted posters I got back. I’d say the posters look good as new, but truthfully they look better than new, and probably better than they looked the day they were printed.

Dan provided a great service. My poster looks great linen-backed! He does really clean and precise work. I am confident in leaving more posters with him because he’s been doing linen-backing a long time and his expertise really shows in his work. Thanks Dan!

David Fine, Vacouver BC

Dan took two of my horrifically beat up posters and did an unreal job restoring them to their glory. Colours were stronger, torn and missing bits were replaced and fold marks are now barely noticeable. They arrived mounted on really thick linen cloth giving the posters a really substantial feel. Hard to believe it’s the same posters I sent which were literally falling apart in my hands. Dan is not just doing a job, he’s sharing his passion for movie posters and the craft of restoring them and it’s a pleasure to work with people like that who care so much about what they do.

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Linen Backing

Linen backing is commonly an accepted form of preservation and restoration of original vintage movie posters, especially those that were shipped to the theatres folded. It is also a way to preserve a variety of other paper posters including travel posters, war bond posters, and concert posters.

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Paper Backing

Paper backing is the process whereby a poster is mounted to Japanese Masa paper only. This process is usually reserved for posters on heavy cardboard stock. The drawback to paper backing is the poster can never be rolled and must be stored and shipped flat.

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After I preserve and restore my movie posters I have them shrink wrapped. I find that this type of framing is not only cost effective, but it ensures the posters remain flat and protected against dirt and smudges.

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