Framing Your Treasures

For poster collectors the challenge quite often is how to display your treasures and not break the bank. Personally I have decided to go with shrink wrap framing. Since I have hundreds of posters in my collection, I have found this method of framing to be light, durable and cost effective, especially for large pieces like subway posters and three sheets. It is also a good way to protect your posters from dust and dirt.

A shrink wrapped poster is secured to a piece of thick cardboard using small pieces of tape or a spot of glue in each corner. A thin plastic film is than warmed with a heat gun until it is stretched air tight. At this point a hook is fastened to the back and the poster is ready to hang on the wall. If your poster is linen backed, the actual poster never touches the cardboard.


If at any time in the future you want to sell or replace the poster, you can simply cut the plastic and remove it. There is no glass or wood to discard and perhaps most importantly, the cost is a fraction of traditional framing and the poster is not mounted, so the value is preserved. For clients who cannot pick up their shrink wrapped posters from us in the Greater Toronto Area, keep in mind they would have to be shipped flat.


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