Custom Themed Furniture

When watching your favorite movie, sports team or political event, surround yourself with more than just sound. We can create a coffee table, end table or any piece of furniture you desire featuring a theme of your choice. You could highlight the most obscure movie to a political hero, the possibilities are endless.

How it Works

Option 1

We can provide the furniture, source the poster, select the paint color and design the piece for you.

Option 2

You can be fully involved in the process by providing the table, selecting the poster, choosing the paint color and participating in the design. We would do the work.

The price would depend on which option you choose, the size of the piece, the cost of supplies and the amount of time required. We will quote each piece separately and make sure you are comfortable with the approximate price.
Although each piece will be unique, to get an idea of price a standard coffee table that has been completely finished would cost between $200 – $250 CAD.

Some Ideas...