Poster of the Week – April 12 2017

We are beginning a new feature called “Poster of the Week”. This will allow us to highlight a unique, rare, or cool poster we have started restoring for a client. The first candidate is a rare style B one sheet for the classic war film Where Eagles Dare. It features a young Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood.

Where Eagles Dare

Framing Your Treasures

For poster collectors the challenge quite often is how to display your treasures and not break the bank. Personally I have decided to go with shrink wrap framing. Since I have hundreds of posters in my collection, I have found this method of framing to be light, durable and cost effective, especially for large pieces like subway posters and three sheets. It is also a good way to protect your posters from dust and dirt.

A shrink wrapped poster is secured to a piece of thick cardboard using small pieces of tape or a spot of glue in each corner. A thin plastic film is than warmed with a heat gun until it is stretched air tight. At this point a hook is fastened to the back and the poster is ready to hang on the wall. If your poster is linen backed, the actual poster never touches the cardboard.

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Reassembling Coke

Often times when you start restoring a poster that is in poor condition it is like travelling into the unknown. Although we have been doing this for a long time, no two posters are the same. Recently, we were presented with an original Coke poster from the 1940’s that had been glued to heavy cardboard, had significant paper loss and cracks throughout the image. In this particular case, I have to admit I underestimated the amount of time required. It ended up being a monumental task.

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Literally Being Underfoot

During the renovation of a house in Toronto, the owner discovered several posters under the hardwood flooring. These three-sheet posters were used as under padding. Again, further evidence of the value placed on posters back in the day.

Among this find was a three sheet for the 1936 film The Man Who Lived Twice. The poster was in rough shape, but the image was almost entirely intact. The poster was glued to a heavy brown paper, there were tears and a number of border pieces missing, there was water damage and mould, and of course, nail holes in lines across the poster.

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Toronto’s City TV did a profile on Backingtothefuture

Toronto’s City TV did a profile on Backingtothefuture. The story was aired on both the 5pm and 6pm news. Please check out the story by following the link below: