Backingtothefuture is a Canadian-based poster restoration, preservation and shrink wrap framing business.

The restoration and preservation process is called linen backing. Linen backing is a commonly accepted, highly skilled and artistic form of preservation and restoration of original vintage movie posters, especially those that were shipped to the theatres folded. It is also a way to preserve a variety of other paper posters including travel posters, war bond posters, sports posters and concert posters.

Shrink wrap framing is not only cost effective, but it ensures the posters remain flat and protected against dirt and smudges. The finished product is a light, durable framed poster that presents very well on a wall as there is minimal if any rippling. By shrink wrapping a poster the value and integrity of is always preserved. (Due to the cost of shipping a shrink wrapped poster, this service is primarily for clients in the Greater Toronto Area)

pic_danThe principal of the company is Dan Miles, a vintage movie poster collector and movie buff. Dan has been restoring posters for 17 years now. He learned this trade by studying under the guidance of a master printer and paper restorer in Toronto and a professional shrink wrapper in Toronto.

pic_tanyaOne of the artists at Backingtothefuture is Tanya Petruk, she has been restoring posters for nearly 3 years. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Alberta, and counts Alex Colville and Yousuf Karsh among her artistic influences. Inspired by human drama in athletic accomplishment, Tanya also paints active people and athletes, capturing the emotion and passion for sport in her work.

To-date, Backingtothefuture has restored thousands of posters, including pieces for the Toronto International Film Festival, executives for Universal Pictures in the United Kingdom, employees of Comicon – San Diego and film industry people in the Greater Toronto Area. Our client base is truly global, as we have also done work for people in Australia, India, Japan, Brazil and across the United States and Canada.

Consumer satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we work closely with clients to ensure that together we develop the best solution for each individual piece. However, it must be noted that posters react differently to the linen backing and restoration process and the results can vary.

Mission Statement:
Backingtothefuture is dedicated to excellent customer satisfaction by restoring their poster(s) to as close to the original condition as possible as cost effectively as possible. Through this highly specialized artistic process we will ensure that a poster, whether it has sentimental value or is a valuable collectable, is properly preserved and prepared to display for years of enjoyment.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: