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Backingtothefuture is a Canadian-based poster restoration and preservation business. We use a process known as linen backing to bring posters back to their original condition, or as close to the original condition as possible.

Vintage Poster Restoration

Why preserve or restore your vintage poster?

  • Up until the 1980’s the vast majority of movie posters were machine folded and shipped to theatres. The folding process damaged the poster, creating creases that separate over time.
  • Left folded, movie posters will yellow and deteriorate. They are susceptible to damage by acidity in the paper and humidity.
  • Linen backing will help preserve the movie poster and bring it back close to its original condition. During the process tape can be removed, stains eliminated and missing paper replaced.
  • If the poster is torn and fragile, linen backing will provide much needed support and stability.
  • Linen or paper backing flatten the poster and make it ideal for display.

Shrinkwrap Framing

Save money and preserve the value of your poster

here are several ways to display your favorite poster, however the cost of framing can be very expensive and having your poster mounted through the plaquing process will make your poster worthless.
The best way to display your poster is through shrink wrap framing. This type of display is not only cost effective, it will ensure your poster remains flat and protected against dirt and smudges. Shrink wrapping is also ideal for large posters like 40×60’s or three sheets, as the finished product is relatively light-weight compared to a bulky wooden frame and a huge piece of glass.

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The Objective: Satisfied Customers

Dan did an incredible restoring two movie posters. The posters look fantastic with all the rips and tears repaired. He also went out of his way to get the posters and was in constant communication as to his progress.Gordie Sabbag

Our Services

Linen backing, washing, bleaching, paper replacement, tape removal, filling in fold lines, air brushing.

Linen Backing

Linen backing is commonly an accepted form of preservation and restoration of original vintage movie posters, especially those that were shipped to the theatres folded. It is also a way to preserve a variety of other paper posters including travel posters, war bond posters, and concert posters.

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Paper Backing

Paper backing is the process whereby a poster is mounted to Japanese Masa paper only. This process is usually reserved for posters on heavy cardboard stock. The drawback to paper backing is the poster can never be rolled and must be stored and shipped flat.

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Shrinkwrap Framing

After I preserve and restore my movie posters I have them shrink wrapped. I find that this type of framing is not only cost effective, but it ensures the posters remain flat and protected against dirt and smudges.

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