Welcome to Backing to the Future

I have a passion for movie poster art. For nearly 13 years now I have been linenbacking and restoring posters for clients of the Toronto poster retailer Hollywood Renaissance.
To-date, I have restored hundreds of posters, in my own collection and the collections of others.

Check out the video below to get learn a bit about the art of poster restoration on go to videos to view the full production.

I learned this trade by studying under the guidance of a master printer and paper restorer in Toronto.

My studio is located in the picturesque community of Port Perry, Ontario. I work out of my home allowing me to guarantee a safe and secure environment.

Consumer satisfaction is my number one priority. That’s why I work closely with clients to ensure that together we develop the best solution for each individual piece. I would be open to provide additional photos of my work, or entertain a visit by appointment to view my work personally.

I now offer shrinkwrap framing.For more information read my blog post here.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at: dan@backingtothefuture.com

Why preserve or restore your movie poster?

  • Up until the 1980’s the vast majority of movie posters were machine folded and shipped to theatres. The folding process damaged the poster, creating creases that separate over time.
  • Left folded, movie posters will yellow and deteriorate. They are susceptible to damage by acidity in the paper and humidity.
  • Linen backing will help preserve the movie poster and bring it back close to its original condition. During the process tape can be removed, stains eliminated and missing paper replaced.
  • If the poster is torn and fragile, linen backing will provide much needed support and stability.
  • Linen or paper backing flatten the poster and make it ideal for display.